Monday, August 4, 2008

Where has the summer gone??

Hello Everyone! I'm so sorry, once again, that I've not posted in a while. We've had a lot of changes in our household the past few months and I guess we're all just getting adjusted and before you know it, time slips away. I hope everyone is doing great and enjoying their summer! I know Liam sure has! School starts back Aug 26th and he's going into the 2nd grade! WHAT?!?! He's excited, but not ready for summer to be over yet.

Me...well, I'm starting a new job!!! After 4 years of being a SAHM, I'm returning to the work force. They call this position "part time", but it's the closest thing to full time you can get without the official title! lol I'll be working at our local hospital as an H.R. Asst. I've got the BEST hours...M-F 9:30-4:30! Yea, I know...bankers hours...BETTER! :) So it's 35 hrs a week, but even though they consider it p/t, I'm still going to be elegible for benefits, insurance (which I've not had for 4 years) and vacation time!! Woohoo!! Plus the hours really work out great for Liam's schedule. I can take him to school at 9:00 and then my mom will pick him up everyday at 3:45, and then I'll get off 45 minutes later. :) I really am excited. Nervous too, but excited! I start on the 18th, which is actually a week before school starts, so I'm arranging to send him to a sitter that week. It's someone he's never been to before, but one of his friends goes there, so hopefully it won't be traumatic on him!! He doesn't do change very well.

Speaking of jobs, I think I mentioned before that Jay started her new job in May. Well, the job itself is going GREAT. She loves this field (computer forensics/security) and it's so nice to finally have her come home in a great mood! :) The drive, however, is getting old....really old! She leaves the house by 6:45 am and it's usally after 7pm before she gets home. That part we both hate. It seems we have so little time together anymore. So we just try to make the best of what we do get, but it's been a BIG adjustment. Especially for Liam.

On the health front, I've been having some major issues for a few months now. After several blood tests, xrays, 2 specialists and more tests...they confirmed a few months ago that I'm in the very early stages of Rheumatoid Arthritis. Just what you want to hear at 37! So for now I'm on medication, which after 4 weeks seems to be helping. Most of my pain is in my hands and fingers. And usually it's just first thing in the morning and late at night. And then as if that wasn't bad enough to deal with...I ended up in the ER last Thursday afternoon for about 4 hours! Out of nowhere I started having extreme pain in my left side and lower back. To the point that I couldn't talk and it felt as if the breath was being knocked out of me. To my surprise, I have not JUST a kidney stone, but they also discovered a large cyst on my left ovary! In fact, that's the side that was giving me so much pain...not the side with the stone! So I follow up tomorrow with my family physician, but I'm really trying to hold off doing anything until October, after my insurance goes into effect. Of coarse, the very first thought that came to mind is wondering if that's why I haven't gotten pregnant!!! Part of me hopes and prays it is, and that it's fixable so we can start trying again by the end of the year. I can't believe it will be a year in October since we did our last cycle. It's sure been a rough year. At least emotionally, for both of us. I've seen so many of my family members get pregnant and have their babies or are soon due and here I am....still waiting. I just had a good friend tell me today that she's pregnant. She's been a single mom for 12 years and now she's venturing down that road again. Turns out the father was history 2 months ago. She's not even sure she wants to tell him. I know she always wanted another child, so I am happy for her because she's actually over the moon about it, but am I jealous too?? Sure. I envy her. She got knocked up and didn't even have to try. And what has it cost her? Nothing. To only be so lucky. I know alot of you out there would agree. Money is the root of all evil. And that's proven true with us trying to conceive. That's literally the ONLY reason we're not pregnant yet. Money. Lack of, I should say. But I'm putting all my faith in God and I know this job is a blessing from Him, which I think is going to lead to more blessings in our lives. :)

On that note, my Sweetie just called and is on her way home, so that gives me just over an hour to figure out what's for dinner and get it ready! I wish everyone well...I'm so happy for Michelle & Nick...over the MOON for them actually and now I'm anxiously awaiting Little Peanut's arrival (Meg and Kris)! Two totally deserving families!!!! God is great!!!! :)

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Where 'O Where Have I Been??

I'm not sure! I'm still trying to find out myself. I have been planning on sitting down for WEEKS and posting on here, but I never seem to have anything to write about. My life is pretty hum-drum lately. It's late, we just got home from the whole graduation thing. Some relatives graduated today, so it's been a busy one. I think I'll write tomorrow and put in a new slide show. I hope everyone out in blog land is doing great.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Our new puppy ~ Aspen

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

We survived the blizzard of '08!!!

Just thought I'd share a few pics from the blizzard of '08 we just survived this past weekend! Actually, it was fun being snowed in and spending some quality time together! We were a little stir crazy by Sunday afternoon (after the dig-out), but all in all, it was exciting...not to mention BEAUTIFUL!! You can take the girl outta the north, but you can't take the north outta the girl! :)

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

123 Book Tagging

Ok,so I've been tagged by Shari a.k.a. Rainbow Momma, so here goes!!


1. Grab the nearest book of 123 pages or more.

2. Open it to page 123.

3. Find the first 5 sentences and write them down.

4. Then invite 5 friends to do the same.

Ok, well the nearest book on our coffee table is The Quest Study Bible. So here's what I found:

Exodus 29:29 Aaron's sacred garments will belong to his descendants so that they can be anointed and ordained in them. 30 The son who succeeds him as priest and comes to the Tent of Meeting to minister in the Holy Place is to wear them seven days. 31 Take the ram for the ordination and cook the meat in a sacred place. 32 At the entrance to the Tent of Meeting, Aaron and his sons are to eat the meat of the ram and the bread that is in the bakset. 33 They are to eat these offerings by which atonement was made for thier ordination and consecration.

There! :) So now who am I gonna about Tammy @ Tammy's Journey, Michelle @ Michelle's Path (our little Guamite now!), Meg @ Journey to a Baby Franklin, Michell @ I Want To Be A Mommy and Tracey @ Baby Steps. Thanks Girls!!! :) Have fun!

Btw, nothing new to report on the TTC front, but on a bright note, we ARE getting a puppy! :) I'm soooo are Liam & Jay. After much research, we have decided on a little Maltese. I found a local breeder and she has one female left ready for purchase in about 2-3 weeks, so I hope this is the one!!! We hope to go see her this weekend. We already have a name picked out, but I'll wait til we get her before I announce it. :) Hopefully the kitties will adapt well and not freak out too bad. They'll get over it. :) Hope everyone is well. Will update on the puppy soon.

Friday, February 29, 2008

Lovin' the snow!!!!

Well, since Liam has had 3 days off this week for snow days, we decided to venture out yesterday and take some pics and play in the snow!!! Oh, the first two are just our lazy cats...